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I’m David, a legal Spanish, Portuguese and French to English translator and editor. Learn more about my services:

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David Swain

I’m David, a highly skilled legal translator and copy editor with an absolute commitment to quality.

I use my expertise to produce flawless, clearly written English legal texts, either by translating them from French, Spanish or Portuguese, or by editing and proofreading them for clarity and concision.

A freelance translator and legal copy editor since 2008 who regularly works for the United Nations, I bring a wealth of experience to the craft of accurately translating and editing complex legal documents, producing clear English with no loss of any of the meaning or nuance present in the original document.

As a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, I am able to self-certify translations requested for official purposes by the UK authorities. Whether you need the translation of a simple certificate or the editing of a complex contract, you can rely on my skills, expertise and professionalism.

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Translation of your legal documents from French, Spanish and Portuguese to English.


Editing of your legal documents for clarity and precision.


Looking for a legal translator or copy editor? I can help.

I’m looking forward to learning more about your project. Please drop me a line at or submit a request through my contact form.