About Editing Services

Legal documents require accuracy and precision. Ensure that your documentation is sufficiently clear by partnering with Swain Language Services for your editing needs.

editing with swain language services

I take texts originally written in English and use my excellent knowledge and understanding of my native language to enhance them. Since many non-natives speak English well enough to write English legal texts that are good but not excellent, much of my editing work involves enhancing the clarity and precision of such texts.

I’ll look at your draft to evaluate how much time will be necessary, add a small amount of additional time to cover unforeseen events and send you a capped estimate; the price you pay will never exceed that figure, but might end up being lower if the job takes less time than anticipated.

I will deliver two files: one finalised and ready to use and the other marked with tracked changes. This allows you to easily see all the edits I have made and, if you wish, accept/reject each change individually.

I will deliver two files: one finalised and ready to use and the other marked with tracked changes.

My average daily output is 4,000 words.

Let’s start work on your legal editing project

I’m looking forward to learning more about your project. Please drop me a line at info@swainlanguageservices.com or submit a request through my contact form.

My Editing Process

Step 1: Contact

You contact me, sending a copy of the text to be edited.

Step 2: Examination

I examine the text to check that it matches my areas of expertise and experience. If it does not, I will do my best to refer you to a trusted colleague.

Step 3: Timescale and quote

I provide a timescale for delivery and a quote. These are based on several criteria, including: the word count of the document to be edited; your proposed delivery date; the file type and amount of formatting required; and the degree of technical difficulty of the document.

Step 4: Approval & research

Once you have given me the go-ahead, I ask for any related documentation you might have that could be relevant to the job and then get to work.

Step 5: Progress notifications

I will keep you updated throughout longer projects. If I have any questions, I will contact you; I will also make sure to provide fast, friendly responses to your emails and enquiries.

Step 6: Delivery

I submit the completed text on or before the agreed date.