About Translation Services

Legal translation is an investment in your client’s case. By partnering with Swain Language Services you ensure that this investment results in an accurate, high-quality translation.

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As a translator, I use my thorough understanding of French, Spanish and Portuguese to translate legal texts from those languages into English.

I translate only into English because, like most translators, I will not produce a final document in any language other than my mother tongue. It is crucial to translate into the language you grew up speaking because a good translation should read as though it was originally written in the target language. When writing in a language learned later than infancy, it is extremely difficult to achieve naturalness of expression.

While I strive to make my translations as clear and straightforward as possible (even where the original is written over-elaborately), I never take that too far. I remove unnecessary jargon, while ensuring genuine terms of art are included. In my translations, there is no loss of legal meaning or effect.

Since translation requires as much careful thought and planning as you give to drafting the text in the first place, it is important to allocate enough time to the process. I never accept rush jobs because doing so usually compromises quality.

My price includes full in-house revision and proofreading. Where necessary, I can arrange proofreading by another native English-speaking specialist for an additional fee.

I’ll assess your text’s degree of specialisation and then, taking your required deadline into account, quote you a fair price for the whole project.

My average daily output is 2,000 words; please make sure you give me enough notice to give your translation the time it deserves.

Let’s start work on your legal translation project

I’m looking forward to learning more about your project. Please drop me a line at info@swainlanguageservices.com or submit a request through my contact form.

my translation process

Step 1: Contact

You contact me, sending a copy of the text to be translated.

Step 2: Examination

I examine the text to check that it matches my areas of expertise and experience. If it does not, I will do my best to refer you to a trusted colleague.

Step 3: Timescale and quote

I provide a timescale for delivery and a quote. These are based on several criteria, including: the word count of the document to be translated; your proposed delivery date; the file type and amount of formatting required; the degree of technical difficulty of the document; and whether official CIOL certification is required.

Step 4: Approval & research

Once you have given me the go-ahead, I ask for any related documentation you might have that could be relevant to the job and then get to work.

Step 5: Progress notifications

I will keep you updated throughout longer projects. If I have any questions, I will contact  you; I will also make sure to provide fast, friendly responses to your emails and enquiries.

Step 6: Delivery

I submit the completed text on or before the agreed date.